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Institution Portal Development

With the popularity of online education, students are attracted towards Internet. Portals are thus an integral part for the success of an educational institution. Institution Portals have emerged with the sole purpose to conduct classes for the students through E-learning model. Web portals enable Institutions conduct and manage course curriculum, admission process, learning schedule, online classes, examination, and scoring.

So, are you eying for the most effective portals solutions? At Webentic, We have mastered ourselves in delivering education portals for institutions with the advantage of technology. The skilled developers offer applications with specialized features, convenient access and customized applications. We have experience in developing numerous portals for the education sector. Here, the portals development solutions cover development of an effective well-planned portal that provides useful information and possesses pleasing design.

Institution Portal Development

Choose Our Institution Portal Development Services

We understand the need and thus provide portals services that are easy to use and flexible too. Our services cover all the style demands of an institute portal. The developers craft an organized, navigable, and functioning portal for your institution. We have specialists in developing Web portal for education purpose. Portals developed by us not cover all the functionalities but also it can be customized according to your practices.
Institution Portal Development

Learning Schedule

Institution Portal Development

Course Curriculum

Institution Portal Development

Online Classes

Institution Portal Development

Admission Process

Why Our Portal Development Services

We deliver a varied range of portal development services for the branding of your institution. We have in-depth knowledge in designing and development of your portals. Our team of diligent developers helps your institution gain credibility and establishes it in the market.

Our Portal Development Services

Student Management

Easy features to create student profiles! The portals have unlimited custom categories and fields that include demographic data, enrollment, attendance, schedule and much more. Additionally, Share academic records features to share with faculties and admin.

Our Portal Development Services


Features that allow teachers to mark attendance and send the report to administrators. Streamline attendance tracking and automatically send notifications to parents through SMS, email, and messaging. Custom fields for grading are also included.

Our Portal Development Services


The features enable teachers to upload question papers and create examination to students. There are sections with dates and timings. The other section is for administrators where they can create exam venues, assign classrooms and invigilators, and generate results.

Additional Features Of Our Institution Portal

  • Student management and reports.
  • Calendar of events.
  • Online communities and forums for both students and administrators.
  • Students, faculty, admin parents all can access resources.
  • Course materials and assessments.
  • Test and Exam assessments.
  • Event scheduling and other facilities.
  • Enrollment and grades.
  • Student information system.
  • Financial aid and scholarship.
Additional Features Of Our Institution Portal

Our Institutional Portfolio

Planning to have a portal for your institution? Have a look at some of our
developed portals.

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