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Pay Per Click Management

You want to get all the exposure and promotion for your business, but have less to spend on it. As with most business decisions, marketing strategies seem to weigh heavier on small businesses.Whether you’re new to pay-per-click, there’s no contradict on many benefits of PPC advertising. As a method of amplifying online traffic and getting high leads, PPC advertising is one of numerous marketing techniques you should use to grow your business. Many business owners start out with online marketing strategies like SEO and Social Media but we assume that paid online advertising options, like PPC, are the natural next steps to grow your business.

One very effective way to make the PPC work is by creating online ads and placing them in search engines or leading sites so that people visiting these pages see the ads and click them. This way a significant amount of the traffic will be directed towards your website. Since each click matters here, this is a great way of attracting potential clients.

Maximize Your Results with the Right Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategy

PPC advertising should be part of every online business or a store. At Webentic Services Pvt. Ltd. we don't just optimize your PPC campaigns; we work with you to optimize the conversion rate of your website so you can maximize ROI from your business. We know that high conversion rate will be the biggest advantage your business will have. If your business or brand website is not optimized you could be wasting money on unwanted clicks or paying extra dollars on selected keywords. We do all the hard work so that you can enjoy the benefits. Paid advertisement the fastest way to generate sales for your business.

Paid Search

Do you want your company’s appearance at the top of the search engines? Paid search marketing is most scalable form of marketing designed to connect your ads with searchers.

Display Advertising

As Google Analytics Partners, we are able to assist you in planning & setting up the environment to track and measure your online display marketing activities and getting increased sales potential.


Our progressive remarketing techniques helps you to shows ads to people who've visited your website. We help you to reconnect with your engaged customers to get more conversions.

Media Buy

We create landing pages that align with the ads created in your PPC campaigns so that your customers find what they are looking for quickly to drive more targetted traffic.

Shopping Ads

Our approach to manage your shopping ad campaigns ensures that you get wide exposure, experience higher click through rate (CTR), and generate more sales effectively.

Social Media Advertising

We implement innovative social strategies to advertise on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and bring more business to you. We believe in creativity.

The Right Placement At The Right Time.

Our targeted campaigns get your brand in front of people, who are actively searching for precisely what you offer.

High Commercial Intent Keywords Selection

High commercial intent keywords are also known as high intent keywords. They are those keywords which convey a strong intent on the part of consumers to conduct a transaction. Choosing the right set of high intent keywords is equivalent to winning half search engine advertising battle. Paid Pay Per Click is the best way to gain convertible visitors via high intent keywords.

FREE PPC Audit and Competitor Analysis

We at Webentic Services Pvt. Ltd. provide FREE PPC Audit of the client’s website and market capture analysis of their competitors. This helps our PPC marketing team to get a better perspective on the client’s business and the windows of opportunities which are present in the market.

Pay Per Click Services

Our PPC experts provide a full suite of comprehensive PPC services which include setting up the PPC Account, devising PPC strategy, choosing Ad group, and PPC Management.

Campaign Mapping

We keep track of client’s ongoing campaigns by assembling all the data acquired from all sources of paid pay per click.

Bid Management

Bid Management is the most crucial and most overlooked feature of PPC. People either do not manage their bids or choose to leave bid management on free automated feature of Google. But it is not at all transparent and requires one to lose complete control. Most of the times top positions are not very profitable, other times you need to keep adjusting your bid. Our bid management experts have the required knowledge of keeping track of PPC performance and managing your bid to give you highest profits in the least possible budget.

Reducing Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are those which attract irrelevant traffic to the website. So, this means that even though Google will bill you since visitors clicked on your ad, you will not get any revenue because that traffic is not taking any action on your website rather it is contributing towards bounce rate. Our experts will eliminate the presence of negative keywords to its maximum.

Geo-Targeted PPC

It’s a big world and cores of population on the internet being targeted by millions of ads. The only formula of cracking this matrix is to choose ‘Geo-targeted PPC’ i.e. targeting consumers via paid ad campaigns on the basis of their location. Target right people at the right time.

Ad Creation

We provide a complete range of online ad creation services which includes refining Ad Text, Copywriting and Creative Writing, Keyword Optimization, using Call-to-action phrases, and forming Attractive yet Descriptive headline.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page is the page where customers are diverted to when they click on your ad. Our experts will help you build authoritative and definitive landing page designed to eliminate the bouncing rate of the landing page.

Reports Monitoring and Analysis

The monitoring and analysis of ad campaigns are very important, as without it the process will become technical and non-transparent. Our experts will keep a close eye on the performance of your ads and will optimize it as per newly gathered data. We do Performance Calendar testing inclusive of Ad Testing, Reports of Waste Spend on Negative Keywords, Click through Rates (CTR), and Quality Score Estimation.

Push Your Brand To The Top With
Our Pay Per Click Management Services

With pay per click advertising you will only want targeted traffic because every click on your ad costs money. And therefore, it is very easy to blow your budget on a poorly managed PPC Campaign if you’re not working with a reliable PPC Services Company. The most common mistakes advertisers make is that they:

PPC Strategy & Implementation

In order to determine the best approach for your PPC campaign, we will analyze your business & competitors. Then we will develop a strategy that will deliver the results you are looking for your business.


We don’t want you wasting your money on unnecessary keywords. That is why we have specialized techniques to ensure that you are covering the right keywords and avoiding the negative ones.

Adcopy Writing

Your ad copy can affect your impressions and clicks. We ensure that each of your ads are focused on the landing pages on your website. Using the right ads, we can be sure about giving you the right traffic at lowest price.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions have become crucial to PPC campaigns. They help you stand out from your competitor and improve your ad. If you aren’t using ad extensions, you could miss out on some traffic.

Tracking & optimization

Without analyzing your data, you might not get the right traffic or the best bang for your money. That is why Techies PPC experts track and analyze all of the data and optimize your campaigns as they run.


We provide Daily or monthly reports to provide insights. We pride ourselves on transparency and our reports show the improvements on your campaigns and what we’ve done to help ensure your growth.

What our specialists do?

Are you ready to take the benefits of paid search as part of your marketing campaign? Webentic Services Pvt. Ltd. help you develop a PPC management plan that is appropriate and cost-effective for your business or industry.

  • Assistance with multiple ad social networks: Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc
  • Analysis of titles, meta descriptions, and landing pages for each keyword
  • A dedicated Pay Per Click consultant for PPC campaign management
  • Account set-up and PPC campaign management
  • On-going monitoring & optimization
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Reporting & Results.

We make Pay per Click advertising profitable for your company!

Businesses across all industries can benefit from the immediate advantages paid advertising, or pay-per-click (PPC), provides. PPC advertising offers you immediate search engine visibility, a definite plus when you are building a new site, or working on obtaining better search engine visibility. We provide you a highly targeted, pre-qualified traffic from those who have already visited your website. People, who regularly see your ads, begin to recognize your brand, increasing the likelihood they will click on your website in organic search results too.

Immediate Results

PPC does not need a long time to push your website to the top and prove substantial ROI. Simply activate the campaign and start seeing results immediately.

Pay For What You Get

PPC offers complete value for money. You can always expect to get the most out of your ad spend as you need to pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

Understand Your Audience

PPC helps find potential clients by identifying, understanding, and targeting the right audience irrespective of languages, gender, locations, or devices used.

More Conversions

Webentic Services Pvt. Ltd. achieving higher conversion rates becomes easy and fast with result-oriented approaches. We ensure to provide you more leads at less cost.

Export To New Markets

PPC provides wider exposure by giving access to new markets. It works as a catalyst for the growth of your business and accelerates your success notably.

Control & Manage

PPC offers high levels of control over your paid advertising campaigns. We work to make your campaigns more flexible, customizable, and manageable.

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